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Does your Edmonton basement or home crawl space suffer from one or several of these wet water problems ?

  • leaking wall cracks or mortar joints

  • leaking windows or window wells

  • seeping coves or cracks in the floor

  • water entering from anywhere in the foundation

  • sump pump failure installation and replacement.

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Last winter in Edmonton was an on/off winter, warm one day - freezing temperatures the next. When water falls and then freezes continuously eventually it gets in to existing cracks in the basement foundation .It then freezes and expands causing a separation in the wall of the foundation allowing water to seep in and cause basement leaks and damage. Another culprit is those weeping tiles getting old and plugged with sand and dirt . .Once that happens their is no where for the excess water to go except into your basement causing more headaches and damage to your residential home. Let us fix your leaking basement for good by using our basement waterproofing procedure. .

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How and Why Does My Basement Leak?
In order to understand what options exist for solving a water problem in your Edmonton basement, you must first be familiar with some basic facts about foundation construction and the dynamics of water pressure. The illustrations in Figure 1 and Figure 2 depict side views of two different below-grade (below ground level) walls. I have selected a hollow  cinder block wall and a solid poured concrete wall to illustrate the various elements making up the stages of basement seepage. Familiarize yourself with these drawings, as they will become the keystone in comprehending why your basement leaks and what to do about it.

Foundation repair and crack injections  FAQ.

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Our basement waterproofing professionals in Camrose Leduc Wetaskiwin Edmonton Lamont Winfield Millet Tofield Daysland Bawlf Ponoka Winfield St Albert Sherwwod Park. can diagnose and correct it before it gets out of hand.  A small leak may seem harmless at the beginning, but over time, it can cost serious money.  A  dry basement will protect your home investment.

Homepros basement services in Edmonton, Calgary and West Edmonton can find a solution to fit your basement waterproofing problem. First we will diagnose the source of your basements water problem and determine the recommended course of action. Whether it is fixing your basements problem from the outside or inside or a combination of both,  Basement Care has the proper basement waterproofing solutions for your basement.

Waterproofing your basement also means you can add to your homes value by adding additional living space to an otherwise unused area. Increase you basements appeal by refinishing your basement, and let Basement professionals waterproof your home.

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BASEMENT LEAKING in Edmonton? Need wet basement waterproofing service ? 

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We do all foundation repairs from the outside; we repair all cracks, snap ties, seal the base of the foundation, waterproof, install weeping tile, sump pumps, window wells and verticle drains, etc. We also remove and install concrete. All foundation work comes with a warranty.We also do paver stone work [walkways, pads, etc]. We will provide you with step-by-step detailed pictures of all the work done. We work in and around Edmonton areas year round. For a free estimate, call Ian.


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Signs of waterproofing problems in your Edmonton home.

  Humidity – Even if water isn’t a problem in your basement, humidity can be. Humidity condenses surfaces, where it can grow mold, cause rot, attract dust mites, and provide an uncomfortable environment for humans. There are simple things you can do to lower humidity levels in your basement.

 Ugly Appearance – In an unfinished basement, water can turn your basement walls and floor really ugly. A loose mineral salt, called efflorescence, is caused by humidity and looks like a white powdery substance. It not a danger but can be a constant problem if there is humidity. Chipped paint is caused by humidity too, where moisture goes through porous basement walls and puts pressure on the paint from the inside. Reddish or orange stains are usually caused by iron ochre, when there is a lot of iron in the soil. Not a problem for humans but can be for plumbing. And finally, dark stains or patches indicate mold problems that need to be checked out right away.  

 Funky Smells – Smells come hand-in-hand with humidity. Most foul basement odors are caused by mold, mildew, rot, or dust mites. Drywall, wood, fiberglass, paper products, paint, leather and cloth all make good homes for these culprits. You have to control your humidity level to prevent these odors.

. Window Leaks – Basement windows allow sunshine into the dark world of a basement. Windows are much more prone to leaks than concrete walls, so extra care has to be taken with them. Make sure the seal is good and not cracking- if water is not getting in, it’s still possible heat or cold air is getting out. A good waterproofing system will have special drainage channels for windows to prevent flooding through them.

 Basement foundation Cracks – Cracks allow water to seep into your home. Some cracks are natural and just happen because of settling. But even small cracks can get bigger over time if water is coming through them. That’s especially the case during winter as water expands and contracts as it freezes and thaws. More serious cracks ( cracks in the floor, or cracks larger than 1/8” inch wide) indicate foundation problems and should be checked out immediately by a professional.  

 Basement Leaking or Flooding – Groundwater causes “hydrostatic pressure” against your basement walls from the outside, where water is basically trying to force its way inside your house. From the inside, a burst pipe or leaking appliance can leak water into your home. Water entry leads to bigger cracks, mold, smells, stains, and so much more.

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 Sump Pump Failure – If you have a sump pump it’s because you’re already aware of what water damage can do to your home. But if that sump pump fails at a bad time, you’re back to square one. Water isn’t being pumped out so it collects with the potential for flooding. That’s why it’s always a good idea to do regular checkups and to have a backup or battery system in place.  

 Basement Walls Buckling or Bowing – Once again, hydrostatic pressure is the culprit. Cracks can usually be fixed before they lead to bigger problems, but by the time you see your walls bowing or buckling it means that pressure problem has been going on for a long time. Since rebuilding the foundation is usually not a good option, there are a number of other, less expensive options available from professional basement contractors.  

 Basement Floors Sinking or Cracking – Any problems related to your basement floor are serious issues that need professional inspection. The soil under and around your home can erode because of water, leaving little support for those parts of the foundation. Mistakes during construction can also show up as your house settles and ages. In any case, these problems need to be addressed as soon as they are spotted because they only get worse.

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 Basement Mold – Mold will cause you a number of headaches (sometimes literally). It smells, it looks awful, it will deteriorate your home’s value, and worst of all it causes serious health problems. Headaches, asthma, allergic reactions and many other health issues have all been linked to mold. Mold is a serious problem and should not be taken lightly. Have a professional mold removal company inspect your home as soon as you realize there is mold. Mold will start growing in the dampest and darkest places where we don’t usually see, so by the time it’s actually visible to you it has been growing for quite some time.


Our Edmonton basement waterproofing sump pump, window wells service areas.

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Most builders in the Edmonton area offer only a one-year warranty against seepage (basement) on new homes. And when an existing home is sold, most provinces require a one-year dry basement warranty. This shows that the various watch dog consumer agencies are well aware that basement seepage problems exist, on a huge scale. Unfortunately, building techniques reflect the fact that homebuilders are not required to furnish a more comprehensive guarantee than the standard one year.

Hydrostatic Pressure = Leaks

In order to gain a greater overview of a complex problem, let's look at how the average Edmonton and Calgary basement gets built. First of all, the contractor digs a hole in which to place the basement foundation. Often times this excavation takes place in dense, heavy clay typical of many areas in the Alberta areas  throughout the western areas. If it rains copiously during the excavation period and before the basement is built, one can see large amounts of water standing in the excavation hole because the rainwater cannot percolate downwards through the dense clay. If the excavation takes place in an area where springs are active, water can be observed gently running into the excavation site from the sides of the hole continuously, even in the absence of rainfall. Basements or crawlspaces are placed anywhere from 3 feet to 14 feet deep in the earth and the depths of excavations vary according to the architect's design. One thing is for sure, if the soil type traps and holds water for longer than 48 hours, then the basement built there is in jeopardy of leaking unless properly waterproofed and drained. But, we'll get to that later.

After the space for the basement is fully excavated and is large enough to accommodate the basement as well as an additional six to seven feet working space beyond where the walls will stand, the footing is poured. The footing is the continuous ribbon of concrete on which the foundation walls will be placed. The structural integrity of this footing is extremely important since tons of foundation walls, plus the superstructure of the house will be permanently resting on it. If shortcuts are taken or if the footing is somehow 'sub-code, then the chances that the basement will leak rise dramatically.

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Wet basement foundation crack Homepros Edmonton group Contractors, for quality basement waterproofing, crack injections, mould solutions, foundation and crawl space repair throughout all of Edmonton, Calgary and surrounding areas. 

If you have a problem with any basement, foundation, or crawlspace issue WE CAN HELP! Basement Waterproofing Edmonton Homepros offers reliable interior and exterior waterproofing solutions. We can install a partial or complete perimeter drain tile system that is backed by industry standard warranties. Homepros can also effectively and expertly waterproof your home from the outside as well. Our foundation contractors will inspect and explain to you exactly how and why you have a wet basement and how to prevent it. we can help to increase your home's value by waterproofing your basement, repairing bowed or damaged foundation walls, encapsulating crawlspaces, and treating and preventing mould causing conditions in your home and we do it all with courtesy and professionalism that's unrivaled among other home waterproofing contractors.Homepros group of Basement Waterproofing companies in Edmonton have years of experience in providing clients with exceptional foundation service, and knowledge. This experience has allowed us to develop Smart, Affordable, Solutions for your basement needs which are unrivaled by other edmonton waterproofing companies. When your home's foundation leaks, it can lead to a host of problems, from mould to water damage and structural instability. At Homepros group, we offer our services to improve the quality of your basement and home in a variety of ways. The air quality of your home and your family's safety are our main concerns. Homepros can eliminate the sources of mould causing moisture, install humidity control systems, and permanently fix cracked and bowing foundation walls. BASEMENT WATERPROOFING Basement waterproofing gave us our name and our reputation, and we do it better than anyone else. We'll educate you on the different approaches to eliminate leaks in your foundation and keep your basement safe from the kinds of damage too much moisture can do. We'll work with you to make sure you get the service you need, by assessing the problem and making an honest and accurate recommendation. And after the job is done, we promise to be here for you to make sure it was done right. MOULD Mould can take hold quickly in moist, dark environments like leaky basements. Our Contractor can help you fight mould and musty odors. We inspect and identify areas of intense mould growth and install waterproofing solutions that control the moisture source and completely eliminates mold growth in basements We use a proven treatment technique to rid your home of mould, and take steps to make sure it won't come back by eliminating the sources of the moisture. Leaks Basement Waterproofing specializes in exterior foundation crack repairs. We are proud of our unique 5 stage crack sealing method which carries a 25 year written warranty.We are a small innovative company with a big heart, backed with true workmanship. Foundation crack repairs Weeping tile installation Window wells Sump pumps Drainage.

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